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Address: Värmlandsgatan 18 A, 413 28 Gothenburg

Phone: +46 700 564 515


Skype: robert westin





As a photographer I want to bring out character and beauty in my images. I want to evoke feelings and inspire thoughts. My goal is to create visionary poetry with light and shadows. I’m passionate about photographing people.

Company facts

Robert Westin Photography is a part of LIMEGREEN – – an ad agency based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Registered for company tax (F-skatt) and we welcome inquiries about any type of photo assignments, retouching and any type of commercial marketing assignments.


I am a graphic designer and photographer. I run my own company since 1997, full time since 2004 and I work closely with other ad agencies and event bureaus. As photographer I have mainly done assignments in portraits, company portraits, musicians portraits, model-, product-, event- and company on locations shoots. At the moment I am most passionate of portrait and fashion photography. I’m also very fascinated by the human body and the landscape it forms with light and shadows, there’s as many variations as there are people.

I’m also proficient in advanced retouching and photoshop has been my friend since 1994. One of the latest ongoing retouching assignments was assigned by James Silverman photography. He’s an amazing architectural and contemporary designs photographer, check out his work! Naturally portrait retouching is one of my most common assignments and I believe that almost every image could use a little bit of touching up before being published. I’m also good at photo manipulation and montage.